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Looks aren’t everything

As must be obvious to you1, I still have not taken the time to make WordPress do what I want it to do — at least in terms of making this blog/site/thing look like it was designed by intention rather than by a person who fiddled around for about an hour and then gave up.

I mean to address that. Perhaps I’ll append that to the other New Year’s resolutions.

And there really isn’t any pressure or risk involved in experimenting, because the “you” I have starred in the paragraph preceding is, currently, precisely no one. Oh, I have to come over here every once in a while and delete all the spam comments that are in moderation, but there are never any comments in moderation that are not spam. So no one is reading this … so there’s no one to judge if I muck around with settings and design and make what currently looks bad into something that looks much worse.

The thing that’s befuddling me right now is not even WordPress qua WordPress: rather, it’s the relationship of WordPress to the rest of the design / hosting / back-end software provided by my hosting company. That is, I’ve got WordPress installed and am using it, but … do I need to install and use other stuff to make maintenance and design an easier task? And how does this other stuff interact with WordPress itself?

1 Oh, I forgot: no one’s there. So all my questions are rhetorical.

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